Sketch 28 Now : Hell! Anybody Will Buy It For FREE! Duh!!

Monday, December 13, 2021

We need things to live. Discounted things are better. And free ones are Epic (but not useful if your intention is to brag to your Pretentious New York or Posh European friends).

Before I began my journey as a founder, one of the earliest lessons I learned in life was to add value to society no matter what you do. How can you add value to society is a constant ringing in anyone's ears if they too learned that early on.

Figuring out the hows, whys, whens, whats and is-it-ethicals are the most necessary nooks and crannies or baby steps that fills the entire Founder Journey to victory or otherwise stability and beyond (growth).

Yeah! Give it for free. Anybody will take it if its good enough. But charge atleast for the 10% of it if your intention is not charity.

~ Zameel Pichen

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