Sketch 9 Now : Keep Pushin' Up Higher

Monday, December 02, 2019

There are two actions that give meaning to a life. Ofcourse not diabolically or set in stone as much as the parables, but just the two cents imparted by a tired busy man.

The first is, getting things done.

And second is setting higher journey points.

Whether reachable or not is an entirely different matter as it depends on the individual's capacity to predict and value in all factors involved.

The first one is the dull and directly opposite part of the second. Even if we set achievable aim, when such an aim is set in the dull environment of actually getting things done, the actual vantage point is always less.

That is why the highly getting shit done people still have to turn to the visionaries or the energetic newest intern in the team.

But ofcourse a very small percent of the total workforce have mastered the art of which to focus when, and in what ratio. And therefore they usually reach the top faster.

Mastering the ration mixing of these two actions are the fundamental basics in the life of survivors who rely on, but also push the limits of, their survival instincts a lot more than the majority rest of the people.

Therefore, they have what is now getting popularly known as "grit".

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