Sketch 8 Now : The Context of Everything

Sunday, December 01, 2019

In fact the earth do not have any roads or plain areas. Because when a person decides to walk through a path, and people seem to find it interesting and follow it, that is how a road is formed.

After all, most people have a lot of roads in front of them to follow because human civilizations has been evolving for more than 10,000 years so its obvious that there are already lots of ways formed. But the question is can new ways still be formed?

Some people play the game to be first, and think why play a game when you cant be the first? Such people always create new ways. Whether it becomes a dead end, is an entirely different story.

But just considering the current business transaction environments of our society, there are around 50 million total companies in the world. So if we look at the emerging ecosystems of startups and innovations including pivoting of large corporations, we can see new way is already being formed at an alarming rate. why else would we  be awaiting singularity now?

Coming to the point, new way can still be found with the same old classic struggles faced by people of any era. Just that the pieces on the board and the rules for their movement are different. But the inherent combination of core choices one have to make are the same throughout time.

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