Sketch 20 Now : The Art of Surprising

Friday, December 13, 2019

Really, what is feeling you get when you are surprised? Probably frightened? Probably happy? Probably it was a funny surprise and hit a nerve of your humor sense and you start laughing? (Some people laugh at frightening things also, Zatoichi for example.)

Despite the title, I have nothing much to impart except these obvious questions. After all asking questions is the starting point of things. And starting many things is what Zatoichi did at an early age.

I myself, very much like to surprise people. Especially those who hate me. Its really nice to see the expression they have in their face when they start realizing their hatred was for nothing.

Surprising investors needs a non-flamboyant personality, which is tough to achieve for the only starting out so-called entrepreneurs. But its very easy for me. As the librarian for Zatoichi's archives, entrepreneurship is not my cup of tea.

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