Sketch 19 Now : Death of Influencers

Thursday, December 12, 2019

The position that doctors, engineers or other high appreciated professionals occupy in the society right now is going to be replaced by influences, since they make a lot more money than others with lesser relative effort and time.

I don't believe that can actually become the norm in a sustainable economy, because, in the end the consumers of the contents produced by influencers need to be living their own sustained life. Just by becoming a netizen will not prove to be a sustainable lifestyle. Even those who earn from internet well, usually travel and interact with the real world.

Ofcourse the current society maybe able to accommodate an x percent share of the population as influencers. But the competition will become fiercer, and a threshold will have to be reached inorder to maintain the sustainability of the society.

Oh and yes, the society takes a step back to the sustainable model. Just like how wars are engaged to dethrone powerful feudalists. colonialists, plutocrats, etc, and the society will recognize the absence of genuinity, that is if the world lasts that long to see such a day.

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