Sketch 17 Now : The Birth of Subconscious

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sigmund Freud founded psychoanalysis. While people of tradition had their own ways to analyse people and a childs growth, Freud turned it into the first scientific derivations. But in modern reality, the Freudian Psychology is a highly unscientific, due to the fact that Freud studied his few patients and himself to base his theories, which makes a global generalization very biased. All the same, the surface theories he made did lay the foundation for multiple fields in Psychology as a whole.

We take for granted now, the existence of a subconscious, the existence of a passive mind and that the childhood events shape the future of his/her adult life.

But without these connections, most of current psychology principles would not exist.

Freudian parts of human psychology
Freudian Defense Mechanisms created by "Ego" to mediate the conflicts presented by "Id" and "Super Ego"

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