Sketch 16 Now : One Man Army

Monday, December 09, 2019

All true-to-themselves entrepreneurs have space in their consciousness to agree atleast partly with the phrase "Passive Human Potential Is Limitless". Therefore the concept of one man army is always possible. 

The same of us also know that in practicality, each individual has an existing limit which hinders every dream or goals he/she sets, because the potential needed has not been explored, trained in or otherwise, activated yet.

Therefore, we have an understanding of considering the "Activated Potential" only (and sometimes immediately activatable potential also) while creating any kind of operations design for any business.

Are you a one-human army? I heard the creator of had to be a one-man army after his partners left.

Even Zatoichi considered the concept of one-man army possible only for short period, after which one has to recharge.

I was a kind of a one-man army. I could solder circuits together, I could turn out things on the lathe, I could work with rockets and balloons. I’m a kind of a hybrid between an engineer and a physicist and astronomer.
— James Van Allen

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