Sketch 10 Now : The Static State of Time

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Atleast once, in most people's life, there is a time when they don't do anything but wait, wait for the results.

For the productive people, this state of static time is a strange memory that lasts for very long time. Because that is the pause between their final activities and the intended result emergence.

People feel this before they get the prestigious awards also. Ofcourse if the award is not for them, then this state of static time maybe completely forgotten.

To cover all aspects, one must also mention the people who are unproductive even within their own definition of productivity. For them, this state of static time is a perpetual truth that they are totally comfortable with but have to get out off, inorder to achieve anything at all. 

I intend to one day elaborate more on this and possibly deduce some things. Maybe. Did you experience anything like it so far? Ofcourse, no point in commenting here, this is a ghost town, not as big as Google+ though. But do share the thoughts, after all I am a lonely ghost hosting this place for time unknown.

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