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Thursday, November 28, 2019

This is the story of Zatoichi, the blind man who lived from 1996 to 2030.

Having achieved a variety of talents and attributions in life, and being renowned for some of the greatest ideas and methodologies that were incited into the ignition points of complex machinery of the modern society, he was the epitome of futurologists of his era.

Even though the world knew who he was, what the world really did not know was the exact amount of power and throne strings he had weaved into the world. I, a mere curious author, only know some of the secrets during the time I worked as the chief archive curator for his massive underground library. Most those works were to be burned the moment Zatoichi ceases to exist. And burn it I did.

This is the story of one of the momentary instances of growth illumination Zatoichi had during a fine November evening of 2019. Being only 22 years of age, he had already managed to initiate multiple agendas that would propagate perpetually to the societies of the world, hitting its intended targets decades later, some of which we all witnessed during the revelations of 2034 data leak.

He sat that evening, looking at the enormous skylines in front of him. Only one thought lured in his mind. What is the fastest way to achieve multiple objectives which all require the support of human interactions? After emptying the tea pot that carried enough tea to fill eight tea cups, he came to the conclusion and marked it in his journal.

I happened to find this journal during my struggles as a curator, looking for citations and trails left behind by other trails and finally by mistake, entered the forbidden deeper section of the library.

His conclusion from that November evening read like this, "Look at everything objectively. Leave every emotions behind, except for the necessary acting needed when negotiating with human beings.".

To think the outside world had no idea of this! I went to sleep really perplexed that day. But more things were revealed during my 3 years as Zatoichi's archive curator, things that are nothing compared to what I have revealed to the audience now.

Bye people of the world. I may come back again if time allows and I find myself overwhelmed with all the history I buried.

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