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Monday, November 25, 2019

Complex Systems

I am writing this just for the sake of writing.

After all, when America did the lots of the things which it did during the last century, it was "just for the sake of doing it". Like sending man to moon and the rest of the absurd other things which were not intended to benefit the society directly but went with it anyway under the banner of "Humanity's Advancement". Even Obama agrees with it publicly.[citation is Jerry Seinfields "Comedians riding a car" - with Obama.] Ofcourse, America became a super power because of that. So did other countries who pursued the same goals along with some of their own, which America also copied.

I think human civilizations are strange. One guy or government does something that feed the egos or other empty emotions manifested over time in a society, and suddenly Ta-Da, there is the pinnacle of the pioneering of the advancement of human civilization. Well, I am not dumb enough to disregard the positive sides of the advancements, and remember I am just writing stupid things.

795 million people go hungry to bed everyday. And taking the topics of environmental pollution/ renewable energy/etc, it is clear that we have a lot of room for refocusing the thousands, if not millions of arms and legs of the global machinery.

Meanwhile : Complex Systems.

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