Sketch Now 6 : All Money Lies

Friday, November 29, 2019

The vibrant viciousness of a vice valkyr is visibly less vulgar than a vendetta made of viremic virtue from a vanished voyage.
🎵 Money, money, is it really love?
Money, will it be love?
Oh, man, again, I swear
Money, money, I feel it killing love
Money, will it be love?
Oh, man, again, I swear
I think I want everything
Everything all on my own
Can't you see my diamond ring?
Twenty thousand carat gold
Girl, I wanna talk to you
I can be your money tree
One hundred million, maybe two
More than I can ever see
I could buy an aeroplane
Fly you all around the world
I'm spending without feeling ashamed
Spending, 'cause I'm all alone

All money lies, it's no surprise we fight
When money tries to ruin everything
Pain in disguise, money can't cover up the lies 


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