Sketch 7 Now : The Mirror Source of Fame

Saturday, November 30, 2019

A guy lived in the stone age.
He made a hut, which turned out to give a better appeal than those built by the people of his place and era.
He suddenly started getting praised from unknown people. This infact is also known as being "named" in the modern times. 

So this guy started feeling pleasant, because he was experiencing it for the first time. And like all types of emotions that are not already simulated in a human mind and is introduced for the first time, his life changed.

Years passed by. The year of famine arrived. One cold such morning, on the shore of a river, while hunting for food, his arrow mistakenly landed on a cattle the villagers had saved for emergency. 

The entire society was devastated. Their repressed jealousy and other forms of evil thoughts fired back. The guy was shunned from the society. Ofcourse, the people benefited from his achievements and revolutionized the extend of their lifestyles.

But what he should have known the first time his emotions surged, was that the same people who praised and thanked him will one day disregard and shame him upon receiving an opportunity. And that is the harsh reality of human beings at all era. Except for the very few whom he should have taken the time to find and build honest relationships with instead of those relationships also being forged because of his talent.

But ofcourse being cynical is meaningless and not necessary.

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