A Grain in the Storm

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Two years ago, wait..on a serious note, two hours ago, I started contemplating the meaning of life, which I am not going to share here - because this is an article and people will read (not really *obscure tears*). But what I can tell honestly from heart is that the need for winning has never been so vibrant as before.

Becoming average is one thing, becoming a loser is a different thing, but being the first in what you do, is highly a necessity. If you can't be first ever, why play? Find another game or create your own. ;)

But I often see people not playing the game because they don't believe they can do it. And I personally don't do average level motivation-ing and end up saying "Yeah, You can do it if you try?!" or something like "Nobody knows anything on the first step, do they?" and the rest of the mambo jumbo you hear every where nowadays. I know people who sleep all day and still listen to this.

What I propose, is only for those who already have got their reasons to live a short life and take risks. And no, this don't end up with me suggesting to ending our lives earlier than it is meant to be. What I propose, like the Black Adder played by Rowan Atkinson, is that we need a practical plan more than a cunning one. 

Was thinking about going to the moon a practical one? No, obviously not at first, but after many dreams later to go to the moon, came the many cunning plans to make it happen and then, only after many errors and failures, only then did we finally find the practical plan to actually reach there.

Oh God, this is turning into another story about fake Edison! Which means its time for me to stop the scripting of this short monologue, and name it a "modern sonnet" and say our good byes to each other.

Good Bye. There you go.

P.S: I personally don't wish to live long if I can't achieve anything, such a thought, I presume will be a blatant blow to the lives of the many who sleep all day for 7 days a week and still is not in coma.

Some images are given below so that this article fits the title. Tada Tada...Tadada, insert Conan Move.

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