Wear The Pain

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I saw the sunset of Tanzania,
A beach filled with expectations,
And the lack of opportunities for its native,
But the way they smiled with hope,
Inspires any human to help them.

I visited the suburbs of Nagasaki,
An epitome of innovation and growth,
Risen from the ashes of its annihilation,
A sight to behold!
Everyone living with their hidden past,
Energizes any human to rise themselves.

After long days spent in Busan,
I realized the pain they wore,
Withing their smiles,
And deeper in their hearts,
Chronic Depression leeching off of them,
Even with their life so successful!

The richest country in the world,
Unlike expectation of outsiders,
Has a state filled with poverty,
Its called Texas, a debt-society.
From their great grandfathers to this generation,
They live to pay their debt, smiling still.

If at all life taught me anything,
Its only one thing,
Nobody can live it for me, no matter how long it is,
Nobody can uplift me, even if I am the most helpless,
I have to do it myself.

And smile also we should,
To the crystal divine fact,
"Nobody can destroy me,
Other than myself", either! Since,
A new sun will shine,
To ease our souls,
But only at the moment we decide,
To take the divine first step.

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