The Distraction He Faces

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

He sits there with both hands on his head.

Failed Responsibilities.
Locked up Promises.

And now what? It was time for him to study. That was the best thing he could do at this moment. Study and get to the top.


But that was exactly what he was not doing. Basically he was not able to. Not that he lacked the skill or knowledge, but that he was distracted. He was distracted to the core. And he didn’t know why or how.

Nothing looked nice. He couldn’t do just the thing he had to. And that was study. That was his job, as a student. But he was not up to it.

He had all the talent, skills and had the knack of doing it. But he couldn’t.

And his problem was laziness. Just like me, you and the rest of us.

Laziness at its height was nudging him. Nudging him to do one thing, nothing. Laziness prevailed only because there was nobody to nudge him. That is, with better force than the laziness Majesty himself.
So he sits there.

Note: And if any of you is sitting there like our character above, then its time you lifted your Majestic Butts a little inches above that attractive stool and march forward to whatever you should be doing. And oh! By the way, its all meant metaphorically.

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