Why we left behind Today.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Yeah that's right, we always tend to leave things behind. Things left forgotten. Things left undone. Things left blank. Things seeming to be like kept for doing in after life maybe... But we wont be able to do it there anyway...

Well so far, there seems to be a billion reasons. But one of the prime one?.

We kept it for tomorrow. Yes. Simple as that.


If Tomorrow Comes....
When Tomorrow Comes...
The Tomorrow Book ....
Tomorrow Never Came.....


These is this set of awesome thoughts that linger in our minds.

But nobody understands why is it that we keep visualizing tomorrow!!.?! Nobody has ever seen it. And nobody has ever had any experience of being in a thing called 'tomorrow'. And nobody could ever say, 'Finaly! THIS is tomorrow!!'.

We are obliged to find an answer here.

We have waited, so looong. Longer than our own realization.
So much time... longing for tomorrow.

But the true fact is, it does not exist. And it is a fact.

That is the reason why all of the things we wanted to do on tomorrow, is not done.

Because, if there was a tomorrow,
Our homeworks would be complete.
Our exam scores would have been high.
Our plans would have worked out.

And if it really existed,
My teacher could have completed her last class which she kept for tomorrow but could not for the school closed under short notice.
We could have conducted a class party that we planned and then extended it to tomorrow and then it ever happened.


Nothing Done.

Niether the homeworks, nor the studies.
Niether the games nor the gameplays.
Never the polishing and never the finishing.

All stuck.

Like a lost ship in Antartica.
Like the man who lost his way in the middle Congo Forest.
Similar to the cactus at the centre of Sahara Desert.

All stuck. Whether we realize it or not. For what those who kept things for tomorrow do,  is carry a wasted history.

If we continue hoping for a better tomorrow even now...well,
we are doomed.

Because, we will need to prepare ourselves to carry a wasted past that is being written.
And it will weigh tons!

Striving for a better today,
Will let us have a better future secured.

Good luck.

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