The Now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I thought to study today.

The taste of my toothpaste was the reason. Or was it the taste of breakfast.

Maybe my mobile had role in it. And then the television also had role in it.

I think it was my friends who came home early morning that caused it be like that. Or I think it was my brother who wanted me to come with him to cinema.

Well, whatever be it, hours ticked. I trolled.
Day came to an end. Night also got over.


Time to sleep. So I slept.

Next twenty eight days, the same thing happens. And I realize truly!

It was me who caused it.
Me who had the role in it.
Me who was the reason.
Me who did not study.
Me who changed the course of my life.
Wasted Time. Wasted One month.
Wasted life. Wasted Its Meaning.

Could have used a little portion of my brain and heart earlier. And this too repeats.


But Alas! Use it Now. Life back! Meaning back!

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