The Crystal Facts : One

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

There is this something that needs to get a little attention. And this is entirely optimistic.
So, there is this something that needs to be told. 

Something that is useless unless it pierce our hearts because it must.
Something that is meaningless unless our heart understands it.
This is that something, which must ring in our body, mind and our very soul. And ring it must.
So you see, there is this fact in front of us, crystal clear.

But only the wise understands it.
And the fool neglects it. 
Even though it is staring at us.


No matter how much we try to avoid, the fact is, people around us are dying. 
People die. We are dying. 
We will be dead in around 60 yrs?, 30 yrs?, 10 yrs?, next month?, oops maybe tomorrow.
But we dont care.

Now, do we?

No matter how long we submerge that fact in muddy ponds of our daily lives.
We are dying.
No matter how far we run away from it, even unknowingly.
We are dying.
No matter how hard or easy we neglect it. We are dying.


The day is nearing.
Its closing.

Right now,
Close? Far?


Yeah its a fact. 
But why to give attention?

Not to get depressed.
And never to become a pessimist.

But to think.
To think about the beauty in doing beautiful things beautified by its outcome.
To think about the lives we are leading without any meaning.
To think about the lives we are leading without any aim.

To wake up from our dreams.
And to realize it.

To get up from our beds.
And to get things moving.

For if we sit there. 
And sit there with no purpose.
Then there will be no difference between us animals. 

Crystal Clear.


Should somebody call you or me animal?

Then its mine and your purpose to look forward for getting a purpose.
Not any purpose.

But the best. The truest.
I must choose wisely.
You must choose wisely.


So the real thinking is, What should "I" do in my life. This month. This week.
This day.


Frankly speaking, me, you and the rest of us are simply fools.
Its only that we don't let our own self understand it.

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