Love and Train

Friday, April 17, 2015

A train starts its journey.

It passes rivers and forests, villages and towns, deserts and platuaes, hills and montains, valleys and islands, icy cold snows and blooming air of springs.

It passes over fishermen fishing in rivers.
It passes alongside monkeys and kangaroos living under the coolness of streaming sunlight coming through green leaves high above them.

It passes... yes it passes.

It carries people who are too busy to notice any of it. It carries people who are dulled by their office works.


It carries... yes it carries.

But there is a good thing it does.

A very very good thing. Which is why I am even writing this. It connects the true lover with his or her beloved.

And for such people, the essence of a train is really felt. They notice the different cities and the villages. The rivers and the valleys. The stations and the stops. The lovely smell of air and the breeze that covers their face.

A true lover notice all this because.

Because they see the apple of their eye's face in the river. In the mountains. And in every single thing else. The flowers look back at them as if the love of their life is looking at them. The trees wave as if their essence of life is waving at them.

And you see, all the things move behind them, shortening the distance between them and their lover. Removing watever that holds them two apart.

And so...

So their heart is moved with the essence of passion with immortal love for their lover which is reflected back from any of the creations of God that come in front of them.

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