Life of Wise Men.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life of wise men is like the story of a tender plant.

It stays straight for a while. Then when a breeze comes, it bends to one side. Again it straightens. Again when a breeze comes, it bends to the other side.

Again it straightens.

They learn the ups and downs of life.

Only because, They allow themselves to be bent by the breezes of life. And they see life as no one has ever seen. They see the best meaning of life.


They live it. Enjoy it. Try to teach others about it. And takes from the infinite enjoyment from it.

Life. Magnificient.
Fantastic. Wonderful.
Awesome. Humble.
Pure Love.

They see as no one has ever seen.

But the story of ignorant people are like that of a tree. A Strong Tree.
No matter how the wind comes, it never bends. Untill, in the end, a very big one comes and Breaks it.


They find nothing in life. They live a meaningless life.
Only because, they didn't allow themselves to be bent by the breezes of life. So they never learned anything. They miss everything. And they see the dullest meaning of life. 

But they dont ever realize it.
Only because, they never allowed themselves to be bent towards the breezes of life.

Ignorant. Proud.
Confident. Dull.
Extreme. Sucide.




The choice is ours alone.
No matter WHAT.

What do you say?

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